WE ARE WARRIORS! Physically distant, virtually connected.

With the new obstacles that COVID-19 brings, we must remember that here in South Florida we have overcome many difficult times, and this time will not be the exception. We have already proven that challenges make us stronger and better. As warriors, we need to be PROACTIVE & PREVENTIVE


Learn about our enemy, to establish new strategies and calls to action is the best to win! I am not a doctor or an expert, but here are the facts I have taken into consideration: It is more contagious than the flu. Some people will not show any symptoms, while others will get severely sick. The percentage of death is not that high, but the contagiousness of the virus is alarming. The most affected group is the older population. While there is no cure or vaccine, we need to be preventive in order to stop the spread of the disease for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. WHAT CAN WE DO? Right now, BE PREVENTIVE & CONSCIOUS:ACT AS IF YOU HAD THE FLU AND HAVE A NEWBORN BABY AND YOUR GRANDPARENTS AT HOME. This is the best advice I have heard. Taking these facts into consideration, we see that CONSCIOUSNESS is our best weapon. It sounds extreme but imagines all the precautions you would take if you took this advice to heart, and how much you would contribute to stopping the spread.


For us as Realtors, this is a time to reorganize ourselves and provide next-level services. At ATR GROUP, we have already taken all the measurements possible and are implementing our international client service to our local practice. How? We are already virtually connected with all our clients around the world. We do conference calls for the new listing appointments, we do virtual tours, and real-live tours explaining the house for all our international potential buyers. We have supra lock boxes for vacant properties and use the e-sign service to execute any of our contracts and addendums. Now with the COVID 19 we needed to be conscious and minimize contact. We want you to feel as safe as possible when we go to your home. With our “white glove VIP listing service” we will do a virtual consultation, one-day picture, and video appointments, and If a personal showing is needed, we are equipped with all the safety protection measures for the safety of our buyers and sellers. Everyone is protected with gloves and masks while keeping their social distance.

Is this a good time to List? Should I wait?

Yes, it is a great time. People are spending more time at home, extra time surfing the internet checking on real estate. In fact, the number of visitors on my two real estate web pages, www.ATRLuxuryHomes.com & www.AnaRodriguezRealtor.com, has tripled in the past weeks. At the same time, I’ve been receiving more calls than usual. If you list your home right now, your home listing will show as new in all the home searches, and you will capture the attention of more potential buyers than in regular season.

Remember, we live in the best country in the world. This is going to pass sooner than later. And one important lesson that we have learned in these past few weeks is that the safest, and best investment is in Real Estate.  

At ATR Group. We are here, we are proactive, physically distanced, and virtually connected to better serve you.