Moving Truck Sizes: What You Need to Know

When it comes time to move, lots of people have questions about the moving trucks. How big are they? How much will they hold? And which size is the right one? Unfortunately, these questions can often seem mystifying, and people seldom know where to turn to have them answered.

Moving Truck Sizes 101

While the sizes of moving truck available will vary slightly depending on which moving company you decide to use, we’ll use Penske for the purpose of this breakdown. If you rent a Penske truck to complete your big move, you’ll have a choice between a few different size options. These are as follows:

  • 12-Foot Trucks. 12-foot trucks are generally large enough for 1-2 rooms. Penske’s versions are 12’ long, 6’6” wide, and 6’1” tall. They offer 73 square feet of floor space.
  • 16-Foot Trucks. 16-foot trucks are large enough to move 2-3 rooms. They’re 16’ long, 7’7” wide, and 6’6” tall. They offer floor space of 117 square feet.
  • 22-Foot Trucks. 22-Foot Trucks offer 164 square feet of floor space. They are 21’11” long, 7’8” wide, and 8’1” tall. They are large enough to accommodate 3-5 rooms.
  • 26-Foot Trucks. 26-foot trucks are the largest Penske offers. These trucks provide 192 square feet of floor space. They are 12’55” long, 7’8” wide, and 8’1” tall. They offer enough space for 5-7 rooms.

Choosing the Right Moving Truck for You

Once you know the sizes of the most common moving trucks available at the moving truck company you’re going to use, you need to determine which size is right for you. The first consideration is, obviously, how many rooms you have to move. Keep in mind, however, that moving trucks don’t frequently estimate rooms the same way you might.

While you might understand that one room is a bed, a dresser, a chair, and eight boxes, Penske and other moving companies may only estimate it based on the furniture within the room.

Because of this, it’s typically wise to size up when it comes to your moving truck rentals. In addition to allowing you to ensure you have enough space throughout your move, this also prevents you from struggling frantically to find another moving truck during the process, which is a hassle for everyone involved.

If you’re curious about the exact size of the moving trucks from the company you’ve chosen, reach out and ask them about it. They’ll be able to provide in-depth estimates regarding the size of their trucks and what they offer. This can help you make a smart choice.

Moving Trucks Demystified

Moving trucks can be confusing, but remembering to talk to your moving company and err on the size of a larger, rather than the smaller truck can help you get it right, the first time.