5 Things to Get Rid of While Downsizing

5 Things to Get Rid of While Downsizing


Downsizing your home can help you save money, simplify your life, and enjoy more free time. However, what do you get rid of in the process? Regardless of whether you’re a new empty-nester or you simply want to move to a smaller abode, cutting the clutter with the help of these five tips will make your move easier and more enjoyable.

5 Things to Give Up While Downsizing

To streamline your move and start simplifying your home, get rid of these five things as you downsize:

1. Unneeded clothing or clothing that you never wear

 Most families and individuals have a wide selection of clothes in their closets. They either never get worn or are near-duplicates of better-loved pieces.

One of the most efficient things you can do to streamline your move is to get rid of this stuff now. Go through your closets and either toss or give away anything you haven’t worn in six months.

In addition to giving you more closet space at your new home, this will also allow you to replace unneeded clothing with more useful pieces.

2. Old children’s toys or accessories

If your kids have outgrown their toys and you’re not planning on adding any to the brood, get rid of what they no longer use. While it can be tempting to keep bins of toys for the sake of sentiment, all they’ll do is clog up your walkways and dominate your storage.  Get rid of them and use that space for things they’ll love at this point in their lives.

3. Old, unneeded, or outdated files

Downsizing and moving to a smaller home is a very good time to go through your records. If you’re holding onto paperwork you no longer need, get rid of it and lighten your load a bit.

Shred or burn everything that contains sensitive information, and consider uploading the paper you still need (but don’t need hard copies of) to a note-keeping platform like Evernote.

4. Decorative household items and accessories

Moving to a smaller home means you won’t have the room to store certain household accessories, so now is an excellent time to get rid of them for good. Consider donating the things you don’t use anymore, or giving them to friends.

Be sure to keep the things you love, and consider possibly storing important family heirlooms that you’d like to give to kids or family members, but don’t have to room to use now.

5. Books you no longer read or use

Books are a nightmare to move with. They take up an enormous amount of space. Unless you read them often or display them, they don’t play a very important role. Donate the books you haven’t read in years, and free up space on your shelves for family heirlooms and other trinkets you love.

Downsizing Made Simple: De-Cluttering for An Easier Move

Moving is the hardest part of downsizing, and getting rid of these five things will help you streamline your move and enjoy your new, smaller digs more.