5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Old House

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Old House

Buying a new building is incredibly tempting for any buyer. It’s move-in ready. It has updated fixtures and finishes. Plus, it’s shiny, fresh, and you’ll be one of the first to make your mark on the property.

However, if you go straight to move-in ready homes without considering your other options, you may be missing out. Older homes have benefits that new builds can’t compete with. Here are just a few of the positives. They may make you want to put some historic properties on your short list.

New House vs. Old House: 5 Great Reasons Why Older Properties May Be Better

Home buying is a game of balancing wants versus needs. When considering your ideal home, don’t discount older builds – these may give you what you want with very few trade-offs.

1. Old Homes Are Built Better

In general, the quality of construction in older homes will surpass newer builds. Think about it: That 50-100-year-old home is still standing, and it looks sturdy. Why is that?

Truth be told, homes in the past were built better, with higher-quality materials and more attention to detail. For instance, supports made from solid wood from old-growth trees, walls made of plaster and lathe, and real hardwood floors were all de rigueur.

2. They’re Cheaper

Older homes are cheaper because they aren’t necessarily made with energy-efficient materials that are standard for today’s new builds. In addition, older homes – anything built before 1970 – might not be updated, which helps drive down the cost.

If you’re not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, you could buy an old house and make a fantastic investment.

3. They’re in Established Neighborhoods

An established neighborhood is desirable because it has everything people love – big, shady trees; established schools and nearby businesses; parks and green spaces; and more.

When you contrast these perks with a new development – its scant number of growing things, plethora of construction, and row after row of identical houses – it’s no wonder an older neighborhood is more desirable.

4. They Tend to Have Larger Yards

Want a sprawling backyard? An older home will have one more often.

Newer builds tend to have larger houses on smaller lots. So, if you dream of planting a big garden, installing a swing or slide, or having ample room for your kids to run around, some of these may not be possible if you choose a newer home.

5. They Have More Character

Old homes almost always have more character than new homes. If the old owners maintained them, they’ll usually have original details. Molding, flooring, tile, built-ins, or other architectural details are all possibilities.

On the other hand, if you want character in a new home, you’ll have to add it yourself.

Buy an Old House and Enjoy the Benefits

On your home buying search, don’t discount old houses. They may need a bit more maintenance or updating, but in exchange, they offer new homeowners a wealth of benefits.





  1. Amy Winters September 4, 2018 at 7:29 pm

    Thanks for pointing out that established neighborhoods will already have reputable schools and business nearby. My husband and I are thinking about buying an older home to fix-up. I hadn’t realized that an older home indicates desirable features in the neighborhood as well! Thanks for pointing out some of the benefits of older homes vs. homes in new developments.

  2. Austin Saunders January 28, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    I like what you said about buying an old home since they tend to be cheaper. My sister has been telling me about how she wants to buy a different house in the coming year. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for professionals who can help her with this.

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